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Internment makes the incarcerated body invisible, and without visibility, that body loses its identity; it vanishes. Those disappearing into the correctional system are predominantly black, brown, and female bodies, bodies with illnesses and bodies with unsustainable incomes.

Carceral institutions describe their capacity as the number of beds they maintain. This normalizing language communicates the same message as hotel chains; a place to rest or a resort that takes care of its individuals.

In response to this irony, blanket 

(when finished) will present 1,800,000 hand-embroidered stitches (one for each person incarcerated in federal, state and county facilities) in a tally mark system that will cover a single-bed, cheap wool/rayon mix blanket. The fifth cross mark will be in a color that represents the particular demographic describing the incarcerated population.



linen thread, wool/rayon blend
90"h  x 65"w
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