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2015 - ongoing

public art proposal for mass transit;

dimensions variable

The typical prison cell size (county, state or federal) ranges from 5 x 8’ to 6 x 10’. That translates into 40 to 60 square ft in which as many as two incarcerated individuals spend their time.


cellular is a series of proposed images that will represent a typical cell’s floor plan, including its permanently attached bed/s, desk/stool and water basin/toilet. What, in our non-incarcerated lives, parallels this space?


How much room does it take to park a VW Beetle? Or two motorcycles? Or a bicycle and a lawn chair? Or a wheelchair? Each image will overlay those and other domestic items onto this cell’s diagram.


cellular attempts to reveal just how small a cell is and, by empathic transfer, how it might feel to live in such a restricted space...with another person.

Cell w VW overlay.V3.png
Cell_w_grocery carts overlay.jpg
Cell w pool table overlay.jpg
two figures standing.jpg
Cell w parking space overlay.jpg
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