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Secreted Contract

1998, 36 pages, 11"h x 6.5"w

Images, designed and printed by Ed Epping

Perfect binding by Jill Jevne

Hewitt Packard 1200 C/PS on

Rives Heavyweight

published by Granary Books

Softbound, first printing of 60 signed copies

Secreted Contract was the second book in a planned series of twenty-eight that will investigate two operations: an articulation of various mnemonic systems; and the incorporation of an English language word type (heteronyms) that, like memory, depend upon contextual constructs for their comprehension.


Secreted Contract explicitly examines heteronymic shapes and conditions (e.g., is the shape a circle tipped in perspective or is it an elliptical form existing in a single plane? Is the couple engaged in a romantic, sexual embrace, or a scene of domestic violence?). Trace is a form of template that blends the complexities of desire (as if) and situation (as is). It is this project of visually realizing how surface, trace, and glance might appear within the mnemonic structures that focus this project.

Secreted Contract cover.jpg
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