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the corrections project "broadsides"

corrections 101

Broadsides, as a means of encouraging community action, have a very long tradition in the USA. But to reach many in a time of global pandemic is no longer viable through the printed word. 

These one page online postings represent my effort to do the research, find the relevant textures of salient points related to over-criminalization and mass imprisonment, and then get this out through social media links, Instagram (@ed_epping) and LinkedIn.

Please read, share, support the various resources I cite throughout. Make certain your local, state and federal representatives diligently work to improve the social injustices about which you become better informed.

I invite you to copy, share and.or link others to this work.

Corrections 101 • v.1-10


The first ten issues are introductory to basic data about the numbers and the costs mass imprisonment.

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