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inkjet, digital print on paper

8 x 6 inches

Beginning on the first day of the US and Allied Forces’ Iraq invasion, March 20, 2003, I began issuing a daily postcard. Its front contained the graphic D1 and, on its verso, news that was collected from online resources.


The postcards were initially mailed or distributed at a vigil I organized and that lasted for the first forty-five days of the invasion.  


Each and every day afterward, a new card with new information was issued. As the US national press had neglected to rigorously report on the war, I selected news clips from international sources that were less influenced by the GW Bush administration.


I continued “reporting” via these cards until the re-election of Bush in 2004. By the end of the projects’ 593 days, I was sending them each night as an email attachment to over 1250 individuals. Though hard to remember, this was a period of time when email was more ubiquitous than any other social media.

War on Iraq: D-Day Cards
D589 eighty-four weeks.jpg
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