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2003 - 2004

inkjet, digital print on paper

8 x 6 inches

As the country began to prepare itself for the election cycle of 2004, I began E-Cards, a series concurrent to D-Cards.


Beginning with E-516 days out from the election, I produced one card per night that examined the George W. Bush administration and its policies.


Counting down the days until the election was mirrored by the adding of days since invading Iraq. The E-Cards followed the same format as the D-Cards but were distinguished by a royal blue ground. I maintained their distribution until the re-election of GW Bush on November 2, 2004.

Though hard to remember, this was a period of time when email was more ubiquitous than any other social media.

E. 400.jpg
E. 200.jpg
E. 101.jpg
E. 5.jpg
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