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Towards a Theater of Memory


The Memory Theater of Giulio Camillo, as defined by Frances A. Yates served as a ground for this work. How and what we re-member forms the relationships to desires and fears of past, present, and future.


The four stages of memory formation—Dreaming, Stalking, Intimacy, and Analysis—are mapped by two coordinates, as is and as if.  


In mapping, this complex arrangement of the personal and cultural memory, these two points of reference, all that we have known and all we need to know, are presented. It is upon this assembly we construct the theaters of our selves.

Theater of Memory_Analyze
Theater of Memory.plan_22 x 30_oil.graphite on paper
Theater of Memory.chamber plan_oil.graphite on paper
The End of Desire?.oil.graphite.charcoal on paper
Theater of Memory.Stalk.oil on canvas
Theater of Memory_Intimate_oil on canvas
Theater of Memory_Dream.oil on canvas
Theater of Memory.mnemonic devices(study)_oil.graphite on paper
Theater of Memory.Mnemonic devices(study)_oil.graphite on paper
Subject_Object.oil.graphite.colored pencil on paper
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