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Race in the Life of the Mind

2015, 7 3/4"h x 5 1/4"w, 82 pages

offset on paper with paper wraps

Curated by Claudia Rankine

with Beth Loffreda

Edited by Jessica Fisher

with Kate Barber, Madeline Gilmore, and Hannah Smith

For the past several years, Claudia Rankine has curated a national conversation about what she calls the Racial Imaginary, opening a communal inquiry into the ways race is created and experienced.


At the Williams College Museum of Art, she curated a selection of artworks to prompt written and creative responses from students and visitors alike.

Drawing from public and student contributions, Rankine produced a multi-authored publication that surfaces traces of the Racial Imaginary.

My work was chosen as the cover and fly leaves of that text.

Race in the Life of the Mind_cover.png
Race in the Life of the Mind_forntispiec
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